It was founded in February, 2002, at the initiative of the company’s director, who has always considered the possibility of developing professional talent from the earliest ages. Under that premise, children and young people, who show skills to become future dancers during their stay at the Vocational Workshops (Amateur Academy), are selected, constituting the natural source from which the company is nurtured.

In fact, most of the girls who currently make up Ballet Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba, such as Gisselle Molina, Anika Baró, Bibiana Pelaez, Rachel González and many others, were part of the Vocational Workshops and the Children’s and Youth Ballet.

During their schooling, the members of this children’s and adolescents’ group get intense training, which includes the same lessons of the professional dancers, such as Ballet, Escuela Bolera, Physical Training, Choreography and Fusion, which distinctively characterize the company’s style.

The Ballet Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba Children’s and Youth Ballet takes part in many activities and shows either in Havana or in other provinces, where they have gained success and special recognition. They also have their own performances apart from the ones they have with the vocational workshops and the company.

In 2007, on the occasion of the premiere of “Vida”, a group of little girls of the Children’s Ballet was part of the show’s cast and traveled with the company to Canada to perform at the Royal Alexandra Theater in Toronto.

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