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Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba invite you to participate in its Summer Course, that it created more than 25 years ago with the objective of expanding its Fusion style among an increasing number of followers.
Fifteen days of hard work will enable dancers and dance students to upgrade their artistic and technical level in a highly professional atmosphere. We have the best facilities for the event.
The course is taught by experienced dancers and professors from the Company and guest professors, such as National Dance Award Laureates.

EVENT: Summer Course 2018

PLACE: Our headquarters, Cuban National Theater’s, Avellaneda Hall.

Fusion, Flamenco, Ballet, Folklor, Physical Training, Choreographic Montage, Dance Related Video Screenings, Makeup and Hairstyle, and others.

Morning – From 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Afternoon- From 2:00 PM to 6: 00 PM.

(Students won’t choose the schedule. Teachers will organize groups according to level).

It’s essential to have knowledge of dance. Students from 7 years on will be accepted.

REGISTRATION: 300.00 USD for people who reside abroad (non refundable)


  1. It’s compulsory to attend all classes and be punctual.
  2. All participants must be 10 minutes before the course begins.
  3. Entrance to and exit from the course must be done in an organized manner and by groups.
  4. The time set for shift change must be used exclusively for that.
  5. Walking from an area of work to the other between one class and the other must be done by groups, each one with the professor heading the group.
  6. Work clothes (dance clothes). Female dancers must attend classes with leotard, tights or Lycra, loose skirt, flamenco or character shoes and slippers. Hair in a bun and, in case of wearing earrings, they must be small.Male dancers must wear trousers or jumpers, t-shirt or tank shirt, flamenco or character shoes and slippers.
  7. It’s forbidden to enter class with the following clothes or accessories: chains of any kind, watches, bracelets, big earrings and rings, as well as any other accessory that can harm the body during exercises.
  8. A time and space will be set for snacks and going to the restroom.
  9. Food and drinks are forbidden out of the time or schedule set for that purpose or in work areas. It’s advisable that each participant brings from home his or her own bottle of water to drink, because the scheduled is very tight and there will be no time to go out to get water.
  10. The entrance to people who are not part of the course is forbidden.
  11. Companions (relatives, friends, etc.) have no access to work areas. They will attend the Closing Gala, if they wish to do so, but they have to buy their tickets.
  12. People interested in getting information, whether they are participants or not, could have access to the area prepared for that (reception) in the same timetable of the course and will be assisted by the staff destined to it in an orderly manner.
  13. No crowds at the entrance or exit will be allowed as well as in the different work areas.
  14. Costumes for the choreographic pieces will be provided by the Company. Each participant is responsible for taking care of and keeping it clean.
  15. Costumes will be returned personally by each participant the day scheduled for that purpose.
  16. In case that a participant lose or return runout costumes, he or she will be charged; the cost will be informed at the time when the costumes are handed to the participant.
  17. Discipline all the time during the course is essential for the good development of the course and its final goals. Each participant is responsible for keeping its obligations.
  18. Bearing in mind that the headquarters of Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba must be taken care of and kept, the student who mistreats it will be automatically expelled from the course.
  19. Participation in the choreographic pieces and in the Closing Gala depend on the student’s performance and the teacher’s evaluation.

Not complying with this regulations must lead to a disciplinary measure that, depending on how serious it is, could be:

  • Expulsion from class
  • Not participating at the Closing Gala
  • Expulsion from the Course

Participants who are expelled from the course or the Closing Gala won’t be presented with the corresponding Participation Diploma.

Returning the registration fee in the first three days:

  • Participants who, for a justified reason, have to unsubscribe from the course before it begins, will be refunded 100% of the registration fee.
  • Participants who, for a justified reason, have to unsubscribe 72 hours before the course begins will be returned 50% of the registration fee.
  • Participants who don’t provide a true justification or reason to unsubscribe from the course or be expelled from it won’t be refunded.

First Stage

Lessons: 2 – 15 July
Closing Gala: 15 July

Second Stage

Lessons: 7 – 29 July
Closing Gala: 29 July

Third Stage

Lessons: 31 July – 12 de August
Closing Gala: 12 August

Cuban National Theater’s Avellaneda Hall will be the venue of the three closing galas.

All students registered will participate. Each group premiers a choreographic piece in which they show what they’ve learned during the course. They are also presented with a diploma.

A party will be held at the company’s headquarters at the end of the course to celebrate the spirit of dance and friendship.

Such is the professional and human gains achieved by those who take the Summer Course that for years its fame has gone beyond the country’s borders to welcome people interested in other latitudes: Mexico, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Peru, Colombia, Italy, Switzerland, Germany ….

Very few are the opportunities to upgrade dance skills and knowledge and, let alone, to discover the secrets of the unique Fusion style that characterizes the Company taught by professor–dancers who make up the ensemble, who make Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba shine and be acclaimed on the most important stage on the five continents.

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