The Summer Course of Lizt Alonso Dance Cuba (LADC) will hold three sessions this year at its headquarters.  The Summer Course now celebrates 25 years of experience, the same as our School.  From their inception the goal of the Courses has been to expand the Fusion style to an ever-growing number of followers. Recognized teachers of the Company, and those of our dancers who are also qualified teachers, will be responsible, during the 15 intense days of the course, for imparting subjects that will help raise the technical-artistic level of the participants. Each Course culminates with a Gala which brings to the stage new choreography mounted specially for the occasion. Students exhibit what they have learned in these premier performances.  The learning and creative excitement of Summer Courses take place in a professional, joyful and caring environment dedicated to the development of dance.

Studios of the Company, Avellaneda Hall, Teatro Nacional

16 July, 11:00 am (I Session)

Class: 3 – 15  July

Show: 16  July, 11:00 am


29 July, 7:00 pm (II Session)

Class: 18 – 28 July

Show: 29 July, 7:00 pm


13 August, 11:00 am (III Session)

Class: 31 July – 12 August

Show: 13 August, 11:00 am

Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba

Performing Arts / Artistic Education / Entertaiment