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LIZT ALFONSO (La Habana, 1967)

Founder- Director- Choreographer- Master

Enterprising, perseverant and charismatic, Lizt Alfonso had a clear dream when she was a little girl: founding her own dance company and taking it to the world’s stages. That dream became a reality when, at the age of 23, she founded Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba (LADC), fusion dance company that has become one of the most prestigious in the dance and musical world for its novel style: a fusion never seen before.

Many times awarded by her choreographic work and recognized by her tenacity, simplicity and demanding spirit, Lizt Alfonso founded her own dance company at the age of 23, turning it into one of Cuba’s most prestigious such ensembles.

She began in the arts world at the age of four, when she received her first ballet class. From then on, her training took place at prestigious Cuban ballet schools and Spanish dance academies until she graduated from the island’s Higher Institute for the Arts, in the specialty of Theater and Drama.

Later, she directed the Prodanza Workshops at Havana’s Grand Theater, set up the Iberian Dance Ensemble –the antecedent of her current company- and led the Concepción Arenal Spanish Society Folk Troupe and its Dance Academy.

Her constant devotion for educating children and young people in the best human and artistic values led her to establish and direct her Dance Academy (Vocational Workshops), Children’s and Youth Ballets and the Summer Courses and Choreography Competitions, all of them with the company’s seal.

The artist has created, choreographed and directed several large-format shows, including Entre Palmas y CantaresBetween Palm Trees and Songs– in 1992; Al-Andaluz de gitanas y duendes- Al-Andaluz of gypsies and fairies– in 1995; Habaneras, el vuelo de la paloma – Habaneras, the flight of the dove– in 1995; Sinceramente FGL –Sincerely FGL– in 1998; Fuerza y Compás – Strength and Rhythm– in 1999, Elementos –Elements– in 2002; Alas – Wings– in 2006 and y Vida in 2007.. She has also been the artistic director of important galas in Cuba, such as the ones dedicated to the Day of Cuban Culture in 2004 and 2005.

Under her guidance, Lizt Alfonso Ballet Dance Cuba became the first Cuban company which staged a show –Fuerza y Compás- in Broadway at the New Victory Theater in 2003. As part of that international projection, the company has taken the show to other stages in Spain, the United States (six times), Venezuela, Colombia, France, Canada (five times), New Zealand, Holland, Egypt, Mexico and Qatar.

The numerous awards and recognitions that she has received include The National Culture Order; Canada’s Dora Award in the category of Best Choreography of a Musical; the First Choreography Prize by the Cuban Artists and Writers Association – UNEAC- in 2006 and 2009 and the Third Choreography Prize by the same association in 1998; the Cuban Artist Foundation of New York Award in 2001 and the Replica of the Machete of Máximo Gómez’s.

  • 1985-1990- B.A in Theater and Drama. Higher Institute for the Arts (ISA)
  • 1985-1990- Concepción Arenal Spanish Society Folk Troupe
  • 1985-1990- Dance Promotion Center (ProDanza)
  • 1982-1985- Havana’s Grand Theater Spanish Dance School
  • 1976-1982- “Alejo Carpentier” Ballet School in Havana

1990- 1992- She directed the Prodanza Spanish Dance, Ballet and Acting Vocational Workshops at Havana’s Grand Theater

1991- She founded the Iberian Dance Ensemble of the Dance Promotion Center (ProDanza) –the main antecedent of the Ballet Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba, which she’s been directing since the beginning.

1991-2003- Directed the Concepción Arenal Spanish Society Folk Dance Troupe and its Dance Academy.

1992- She set up and has been directing the company’s Vocational Spanish Dance Workshops (Amateur Academy).

1992-She organized the Summer Courses for children, young people and adults held annually in Havana and in other provinces.

1994-She founded the National Spanish Dance Choreography Competition, unique event of its kind in the country, and presides over the jury.
2002-She set up the Lizt Alfonso Children’s and Youth Ballets.

2005-She was the artistic director and choreographer of the Anthology of Opera and Zarzuela staged at Teatro Colsubsidio Roberto Arias in the city of Bogotá.

2004 and 2005- Artistic Director of the National Galas marking Cuban Culture Day.

2006- She also directed the gala on the occasion of the 14th Non-Aligned Movement Summit of Presidents and Heads of State held in Havana.

She has designed, directed and choreographed all stagings of the Ballet Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba.

Has worked as a choreographer in shows for different companies and institutions, including the New Victory Theater of Nueva York, Teatro Lírico Nacional de Cuba and Fundación de Arte Lírico, in Bogota.

Her name joined the exclusive group of renowned choreographers who have staged the piece Elogio de la Danza by renowned Cuban composer and guitarist, maestro Leo Brouwer.

The fusion of different dance styles in her choreographic pieces, such as ballet, Cuban dances and rhythms, Spanish dance and other elements of the current contemporary scene has enabled her to create a repertoire with a novel style, which has been praised by international celebrities in the world of dance and critic, both in Cuba and other countries.

Her shows have been staged in Spain, France, Venezuela, Colombia, Canada, New Zealand, Holland, Mexico, Germany, Egypt, Qatar, Martinique and the United States, a country which the company has visited six times with presentations in its main cities and in an exclusive season in Broadway, New York.

Alfonso has been the company’s main professor, teaching ballet classes, Spanish dance, flamenco and Cuban rhythms.

She participated as a professor in the International Courses of the Cuban Ballet School (CUBALLET) in 1990 and 1991.

Has been a guest teacher in other groups, such as Cuba’s National Folk Ensemble.

She teaches master classes and lectures in workshops and special events taking place during her international and national tours. Particularly, she has stood out in that work in all tours which the company has taken in the United States.

She was an active dancer with her own company, where she danced the main roles until 1998. Participated as such in many events since the beginning of her life as a student.

Specialized critics have highlighted her particular way of dancing and charisma.

  • – She received the Cuban National Culture Order in 2002
  • – Granted the Replica of the Machete of General Máximo Gómez’s in 2003.
  • – Choreography Prize by the Cuban Artists and Writers Association for her show Sinceramente FGL, dedicated to the Centennial of Federico García Lorca’s birth in 1998
  • – Diploma of Honor on the 160th Anniversary of Havana’s Grand Theater in 1998.
  • – Different Cuban cities have honored her with awards and decorations for her work.
  • – She is a member of the Cuban Writers and Artists.
  • – Recognized with the Cuban Artists Foundation of New York Award in 2001.
  • – First Choreography Prize by the Cuban Artists and Writers Association – UNEAC- for her show Alas in 2006 and 2009.
  • – Nominated to the Dora Awards for the Performing Arts in Canada in the categories of Best New Musical, Best Director of a Musical and Best Choreography of a Work or Musical for her show Vida in 2008.
  • – She won the Dora Award in the Category of Best Choreography in a Work or Musical for the show Vida in 2008.
  • – First Choreography Prize by the Cuban Artists and Writers Association – UNEAC- for her show Vida in 2009.
  • – 2009 Miguel de Cervantes y Saavedra Award that Cuba’s Spanish Societies Federation annually grants.

Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba

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